Excelente entrevista com Adam Ondra sobre a via mais difícil da sua vida (sugerido 9a+/b)

Trecho da entrevista:

Adam Ondra, Marina Superstar 9a+/9b in Sardinia

Interview with Adam Ondra who on 20/10/2009 made the first ascent of his hardest route ever, Marina Superstar at Bronx at the crag Grotta San Giovanni in Sardinia. The young Czech climber has "suggested" 9a+/b!

Exactly a year ago Adam Ondra presented Sardinia a beautiful gift with the first ascent of Campo con Corvi, the first 9a on the Mediterranean island located at a crag called Bronx at the astounding Grotta San Giovanni. During that trip the Czech climber also managed to free a route close by called Marina which, despite finishing at half-height, still weighed in at a massive 8c/c+. At the time Ondra realised that climbing the route to its natural finish at the top would be possible, but the 16 year old quickly understood that his strength and stamina wouldn't suffice to link there 35 meters. The route remained a project, but not any old dream - it became Ondra's main objective for 2009. On 20 October Ondra managed to send the line, his hardest to date, Marina Superstar 9a+/b... Obviously we wanted to find out more directly from Adam himself about his latest journey!

Veja a entrevista completa em: http://www.planetmountain.com/english/News/shownews1.lasso?keyid=37046#

PS: Comentário do editor: O cara é um monstro.


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